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Nutrabalance Corp. presents Nutrabalance Web, a new on line data entry access feature for report generation

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    Nutrabalance Corp. offers a computerized nutritional analysis report.  The Nutrabalance™® software, recognized by many as the Cadillac of the industry, is now available on line.  The report, called the Personalized Health Profile, offers an easy-to-implement, cost-effective way of providing comprehensive and individually specific nutritional programs to patients.  Using blood, urine, hair and/or saliva test results along with a symptomatic survey, which is also available on line, Nutrabalance™® develops a complete nutritional profile including supplements, diets and lifestyle recommendations, much of which can be customized to your specifications.  Reports are generated on line when you or your staff enters your patient’s lab results on the data entry screen.  The reports are available in Word document form and can be edited, printed or saved as a .rtf file to email anywhere in the world for review with your patients.

    The fee for this service for new accounts, not including the lab workup, is $30 per report, and an separate initial setup fee of $250.  The set up fee for new accounts includes the basic training course complete with the basic manual to educate your staff, a $175 value by itself.  The basic course is conducted on line as a webinar by Dr Joseph Montante MD, the originator of the Nutrabalance™® nutritional analysis program.

Click here to learn more about the health and wellness implications of this outstanding diagnostic tool.  Also click here to see a flyer explaining our basic level training course, which covers the science and philosophy behind the laboratory evaluation system, along with a registration form for the training. The $50 fee listed on the basic training registration form includes the basic training manual, and this form must be submitted to receive your certificate upon completion.  The DVD series and Basic Training Manual can also be purchased as a substitute for the webinar training if preferred, but the registration form must also be filled out and submitted   

    Your account allows continued access to the on line data entry service, while saving your customized preferences in your own personal folder along with the data files with your patient’s reports. This allows you to compile report data and track your patient’s progress under treatment.  Visual graphs display before and after results to show improvement or deterioration in the lab test performance, allowing you to monitor your treatment plans to demonstrate efficacy.

    We look forward to servicing your practice needs.  If desired our nurse, Debbie Spence LPN CN, can set up a consult to go over the reports with your patients saving you time.  This allows you to provide other treatments while offering this valuable service to your patients.  And you will find this to be a lucrative profit center for your practice as well!  Please feel free to call and discuss this service option with Debbie Spence at 720 304 6527.  Debbie charges $50 per report to provide this service over and above the $30 report fee referred to above and her services can be added as an on line purchase item under the heading Consultations.  


Analysis and Education aspects of the Software
™® is computerized nutrition for the individual. It performs a biochemical, physiology based nutritional analysis of objective laboratory test results, and generates a 20-50-page report of findings, which essentially becomes an individual’s personalized health profile. This is the program you’ve been waiting for! Available in seven separate modules, all of which interlink to offer the most comprehensive examination of metabolism ever found in one software package. For once, all the data is considered simultaneously to produce one report – one analysis that says it all.

    A concise yet thorough package, Nutrabalance™® uses the combined techniques of Orthomolecular Medicine and "Metabolic Nutrition" with all natural substances and hormones. This therapeutic technique is so sensitive it can pick up even the most subtle metabolic imbalance, and so specific it can quantify the degree of imbalance by percentage points, and so powerful it will target the necessary tools required to provide real lasting relief of disease or pre-disease conditions before more serious problems develop. The Nutrabalance™® computerized system of evaluation has the kind of accuracy and reliability the scientific community deserves and respects.

  • Use one or more of the seven interconnected modules, all for one low per use fee,
  • Physiologic interpretation of the laboratory imbalances,
  • Graphic & numeric display of individual lab results with Optimal vs. Clinical range comparisons,
  • Correlation of previous lab entry dates indicating improvement or correction indicated,
  • Dietary recommendations from over 25 different diets, daily meal plans, rotational, food-combining, calorie count,/weight management, etc,
  • Use pre-programmed nutrient lines and/or custom design your own nutritional "Supplement and Lifestyle" recommendations,
  • Detailed discussion of each lab result out of range and pertinent correlated metabolic classification patterns.

Results and Impact of the Software
     For years the Nutrabalance
™® interpretation was available only through our reporting service, Nutrabalance Corp. Now, in addition to our reporting service, the Nutrabalance™® software is available for use in your own office or clinic. Your patients can receive this most accurate nutritional interpretation almost overnight! This software allows you to expand your practice options by branching out within the current medical environment, using the two highest slated growth opportunities for the 21st century: computers and nutrition. Malcolm Todd, M.D., past president of the AMA, said, "in our society we have a disease oriented cure system. What we really need is a health oriented care system." Dr. Todd was essentially calling for a healing method that addresses the real cause of disease, a more sensitive method able to detect subtle metabolic imbalances, early warning signs, trends, and patterns in the physical condition that can lead to disease over time. This technology must be able to detect and treat underlying health problems before they develop into a full-blown disease process. Nutrabalance™®… 21st century nutrition. It’s here, this is it!

  • 25 years of research and development, tested proven over time,
  • Scientifically based, research documented correlations,
  • Endorsed by many leading health care professionals,
  • Evaluates the metabolic condition in detail and detects early prodromal patterns of illness even before they manifest,
  • compares the individual test results to an ideal standard of optimal performance vs. modern medicine’s disease model which compares you to a sick population,
  • computerized accuracy, side by side with customizing features that still allow for a hands on personalized approach to nutritional care,
  • Establishes a real practice building "niche" that promises results, expands your therapeutic options and develops "word-of-mouth" referrals from your successful cases.


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