Joseph R. Montante, M.D.


Joseph Montante, M.D.  is a holistic physician specializing in orthomolecular therapy, nutrition and preventive medicine.  He received his medical degree from Wayne State University.  Dr. Montante is recognized as a pioneer in the field of Metabolic Nutrition.

This seminar will give you the ability to effectively analyze the nutritional and supplemental needs of your patients.  Dr. Montante’s nutritional balance (Nutrabalance) program is easily understood by the patient, and is an excellent educational tool.  This program is also an effective way to expand your practice financially.  After this seminar, you will immediately have all the tools you need to incorporate this program in your practice.  This technology has been developed over the last 20 years and has the data to support it.  The beauty of this program is its simplicity!

Learn how to:

  • Use Diagnostic indicators such as blood, urine, questionnaires to identify imbalances
  • Develop and use individually designed effective nutritional treatment protocols to improve results
  • Recognize and treat endocrine burnout syndrome
  • Present diagnostic tools to patients so that they ask for them repeatedly
  • Identify systemic chemical imbalances which can block your effectiveness
  • Use On-Line surveys as a first step in building your practice


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Saturday January 21st 2006


Blood draw: 8:30-10:00am

(10 to 12 hours water fast is required)

Breakfast included w/ blood test

All who wish to have their blood drawn must be present by 9:00am

Basic Level Nutrabalance

  1. 8:30 am Lab testing
  2. Philosophy & Terminology of Metabolic therapy
  3. Individual blood-gland-organ correlations
  4. Review of Endocrinology, gastroenterology and Immunology
  5. The Rationale for determining Acid/Alkaline balance
  6. Biochemical imbalances correlated to glandular/organ dysfunction
  7. Literature review research bibliography
  8. Metabolic therapy program
  9. Treatment protocol, case studies, examination

Seminar Registration Fee:

$350 for Attendees (blood test included) $400 if registering after 1/14/06

$50 for assistants, general public  

          (does not include blood test)

$62.50 if registering after 1/14/06

Fee Includes:

  • Complete instruction manual and thorough seminar handouts, on how to interpret blood chemistries
  • Blood chemistry (SMAC, CBC, plus whole blood mineral analysis
  • Nutrabalance computer analysis report
  • Certificate of Achievement, basic level training
  • 100 page Nutrabalance Basic Course instruction manual

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