Nutrient Companies Preferred-Submittal Form:

       (please send a copy of this form to Nutrabalance with your first lab test file or case study only)


Doctor:                                                                                      Clinic Name:                                                                          


Date submitted:                                Laboratory(s) generally used: _________________________________


Nutrient Companies Preferred: (Choose up to three in a single report)


Anabolic                                                     Biotics                                           NutraCompute             

Zymogen                                                   Douglas                                         Metagenics                     

BioActive Nutritional                                           Nutriwest                                      Standard Process                       

Professional Botanical                            Physiologics                                  Progressive Labs                        

Orthomolecular Products                        PhytoPharmica                            Generic                           


To use the Nutrabalance Reporting Service in your practice, simply follow these four easy steps:


We will charge your credit card $100 to data entry any # of the 750 possible data items using any or all of the first 6 modules the service company allows.  You receive a $10 discount for emailed reports, because we save on printing and mailing costs.


Turnaround time: 1 – 2 in-house working days.


Reliability of data entry:  Guaranteed accurate and thorough or we will repeat at no extra charge.


Verifiable: Lab test correlations are scientifically based, medically documented or research verifiable.

Expense per report: For the cost of individual reports, or prepaid packages, see the Reporting Service Price Sheet.

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